Embassy Attestation Services


It is a way to prove that a person or company is real. The process is done after the MEA has confirmed it. When a document is sent to an embassy, it is stamped by the MEA, which was previously checked by state government departments.

Easy Process and Documentation

Required Documents

  • Original Document for Attestation
  • Identity Proof of Beneficiary
  • Certifiied Translation of Document
  • Permanent Address proof of beneficiary
  • Copy of Passport Proof of Beneficiary

Cost and Timeframe

  • When you send us your paperwork, our experienced staff will review your paperwork with local government officials to determine the service’s cost, feasibility, and completion date. After a quote has been given, it remains fixed. Location affects project duration and cost. Send us your documents and specific requirements to get a price and turnaround estimate.
  • On an average Procurement takes Six to Eight weeks.
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EMBASSY attestation service– How to get attestated my documents

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What is Embassy Attestation?

The phrase “Embassy Attestation” refers to the process of obtaining a stamp from the embassy, as you would have guessed from the name of the service. It is the responsibility of the embassy of the appropriate nation to carry it out. It is a step in the process of legalisation that verifies the genuineness of a person or a corporation. After the MEA has finished verifying the information, the procedure is carried out. The document that is received by the embassy is stamped by the MEA, which indicates that it has already been confirmed by departments of the state government.

Why is Embassy Attestation required?

An embassy attestation’s primary function is to authenticate the appropriate documents by stamping them with the embassy’s official seal. It may be required in order to approve several documents coming from a variety of countries. It provides the authorities with evidence that the documents are genuine, which paves the way for the individual to enter the country. When applying for a work visa, a residence permit, a student visa, or a business growth permission in the country, its relevance lies in the fact that it verifies the authenticity of the individual or organisation in question and demonstrates that it has honourable goals. The operation may only be carried out by those who have been specifically authorised to do so.


Indian documents produced abroad must be legalised by Indian embassies or consulates to be recognised in court. The embassy must approve the paper via a precise procedure.

  1. First, the state’s Home or HR department authenticates the paper.
  2. New Delhi’s Ministry of External Affairs will double-check.
  3. After verification, the corresponding Embassy legalises the document and notifies the holder.

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The estimations are based on experience. Natural disasters, government shutdowns, vacations, vacationing cops, etc. might cause delays. We endeavour to finish orders quickly. Service-specific papers may be needed.

Documents Required for Embassy Attestation Services from India

  • Original Document
  • Applicant Passport

Pricing for Embassy Attestation Services from India

After the details you will provide, we will tell you the actual cost of the Service Well Our Team to ensure you that we will give you the most desirable Charges.

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FAQs for Embassy Attestation Services from India

If you already have a passport and need legalisation for the purpose of a residential, employment, or student visa or an overseas business transaction, then you need an attestation for the copy of your passport if demanded by the concerned foreign authority. However, attestation is not required on your documents when you are issuing a passport to someone else. Documents that may be used as passports have already been issued by the respective home governments and do not need any further verification.
Legalizing a document may be done in a couple of different ways, two of which are attestation and notarization. Despite this, notarization may be seen of as either a component of or a subtype of the attestation process. The attestation carried out by the Notary Public is referred to as notarization. When dealing with a non-domestic jurisdiction, obtaining an attestation may be a time-consuming procedure. The first step that is necessary for papers of the educational and personal types is to get them notarized.
Apostille and attestation are not particularly dissimilar processes; nonetheless, an apostille is necessary for the set of nations that are participants in the Apostille Hague Convention, whilst attestation is completed for the other countries. Apostilles are issued by the Hague Convention on Apostille. After the papers have been legalised, they are given a stamp by the central government and are then eligible for embassy attestation as well. An apostille sticker is often affixed to the document with a stamp in order to serve as confirmation that the document has been granted an apostille.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation, also known as MOFA Attestation, is a component of the document attestation process. It is the final step of attestation that is performed after the embassy attestation that is carried out for Gulf countries like Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, and others. MOFA Attestation is also known as Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation. The procedure will be carried out in the nation of the international location where the visa will be acquired or where the transaction will be conducted. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attests both papers issued in that specific Gulf nation and documents issued in other countries.
Attestation by the General Administration Department, often known as GAD attestation, is the method that is used for educational papers at the state level. It may be thought of as a type of human resource development (HRD) attestation for the state of Telangana, and it is carried out by the Branch Secretariats of the state. Obtaining a work or student visa for a foreign nation requires that an attestation be done by the GAD on any educational credentials that were granted in the state of Telangana.