One Person Company (OPC) Registration

OPC allows a single owner to enjoy the benefits of a private limited company, such as limited liability, separate legal identity, perpetual existence, and easy access to funding, while still maintaining full control over the business. Unlike a sole proprietorship, OPC provides limited liability protection to its owner, which means the owner's personal assets are not at risk in case of any liabilities or losses incurred by the company.

Easy Process and Documentation

Required Paperwork

  • Copy of PAN Card of owner
  • Passport size photograph of the owner
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card
  • Copy of Rent agreement (If rented property)
  • Electricity/ Water bill (Business Place)
  • Copy of Property papers (If owned property)
  • Landlord NOC (Format will be provided)

Process, Service Charges, Time duration

  • When you send us your paperwork, our experienced staff will review your paperwork with local government officials to determine the service’s cost, feasibility, and completion date. After a quote has been given, it remains fixed. Location affects project duration and cost. Send us your documents and specific requirements to get a price and turnaround estimate.
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One-person companies have one member. The promoter has limited responsibility and is a distinct legal entity.

One-person companies (OPCs) in India are for self-starters. One-person companies have one shareholder who is an Indian citizen and resident (stayed in India at least 182 days in the previous year).

In event of death or disability, shareholder nominates another. The 2013 Firms Act encouraged self-employment with one-person companies. You can’t form several companies or be an OPC nominee. OPC rules prohibit non-banking financial institutions.

An affidavit by each memorandum subscriber (members) and first director, if any, that they have not been convicted of any crime related to the creation or management of any business, fraud, or breach of duty to any company in the last five years.

One Person Company in India protects its only shareholder from liabilities.



  • Director and nominee identification (PAN card)
  • Director and candidate identification documents (Aadhar card, Driving Licence, Electricity bill, Passport)
  • Address office proof (Rent agreement or sale deed, power bill, property tax receipt)
  • NOC from landlord
  • DSC and DIN of director
  • Passport picture of director


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MembersMaximum 12-202- Unlimited2-2001
Legal Status of EntityNot Considered as separate Legal entityNot Considered as separate Legal entityConsidered as separate Legal entityConsidered as separate Legal entityConsidered as separate Legal entity
Members LiabilityUnlimited LiabilityUnlimited LiabilityLiability of its members is limitedLimited to the extent of share capitalLimited to the extent of share capital
RegistrationNot CompulsoryOptional/ Can be Registered under partnership Act 1932Registered Under MCARegistered Under MCARegistered Under MCA and Companies Act 2013
Transferability OptionNot AllowedNot AllowedCan Be TransferredCan Be TransferredAllowed to only one person
TaxationAs in Individual30% of Company Profit30% of Profit Plus CESS and Surcharges applicable30% of Profit Plus CESS and Surcharges applicable30% of Profit Plus CESS and Surcharges applicable
Annual FilingsIncome Tax Returns with the Registrar of companiesIncome Tax Returns with the Registrar of companiesFiled with the registrar of the companyFiled with the registrar of the companyFiled with the registrar of the company


  • Each individual is limited to forming a single-member corporation just once.
  • No minors may be members or candidates. 
  • Thirdly, an OPC firm is not permitted to engage in Non-Banking Financial Investment activities, such as investing in the securities of another entity.
  • Upon reaching a paid up capital of Rs 50 lakh or an average revenue of Rs 2 crores over the preceding three years, an OPC is required to change to a private or public limited company within six months.


There is list of features and advantages of OPC Registration in India.

  • There is a limit on your legal responsibility.
    With an OPC, a company owner’s financial exposure is capped at their initial investment.
  • Better than Sole Proprietorship:
    When the owner of a sole proprietorship dies, the business also ends. The OPC’s nominated director takes over operations, and the company continues to exist.
  • Simple ownership change:
    Changing the shareholding, directorship, and nominee director details of a single-member The
  • Ability to possess property.
    As a separate entity, a corporation has the legal right to own and possess real estate such as offices and warehouses..


1-Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)1-Director Identification Number (DIN)Company Name Approval By Ministry
Memorandum of association (MoA) &Articles of association(AoA)OPC Registration Certificate
Permanent Account Number (PAN)Tax Account Number (TAN) 


One person company is a company created by an individual through provision in companies act,2013 to enable entrepreneurs to start a venture on their own.
OPC Registration process is mentioned above.
Any Indian citizen residing in India who is not a minor can start an OPC.
Only one shareholder is there.
Minimum 2 years are needed from the date of incorporation.
Foreign Direct investment is not allowed in a one person company.
Please refer to the steps mentioned above to register your partnership firm.
No. It is not compulsory to hold an Annual General Meeting.