Medium of Instructions


There is an official document that confirms the language(s) one has studied through called a medium of instruction certificate. The Education Evaluation for the Host Country requires a Memorandum of Understanding as a formality.

Easy Process and Documentation

Required Documents

  • Mark Sheets Copies from college/ university
  • Degree Certificate
  • Present Address Proof of Beneficiary
  • Consolidated Detailed Markhseet
  • Passport Copy

Cost and Timeframe

  • When you send us your paperwork, our experienced staff will review your paperwork with local government officials to determine the service’s cost, feasibility, and completion date. After a quote has been given, it remains fixed. Location affects project duration and cost. Send us your documents and specific requirements to get a price and turnaround estimate.
  • On an average Procurement takes Six to Eight weeks.
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What is a Medium of Instruction Certificate?

A certificate identifying the medium of instruction is a formal acknowledgement of the subject matter covered. An MOI is required as part of the formalities for the host nation’s education evaluation. The MOI is used as a testimonial for academic performance and includes information such as a list of topics, grades earned, and subject codes created by the institution.

This declaration is a letter of authority that attests to the institution where the degree was earned. For the whole academic year for undergraduate and graduate courses, the college generates all of your grades, point titles, and codes. It is frequently anticipated while travelling overseas for educational purposes, on an international trip, or when submitting an application for permanent residence in another nation.


A medium of instruction certificate, which may be required for school enrollment or employment, can be issued by your educational institution. As such, the University administration is the sole entity authorised to carry out the necessary procedures.

Step 1:First, complete the shipping details with your name, phone number, zip code, and address.

The online sign-up procedure will remain unchanged. After processing your order, the university will promptly send out your Transcript.

Step 2: As a second step, please confirm the shipping address on the request form.

Step 3:Third, save a copy of the payment history that includes the exchange id after making the instalment in case the exchange fails later.

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We  offer a wide range of critical educational document services to everyone in need, coupled with our team of knowledgeable professionals. By handling every aspect of your assignment in India, we feel it is our duty to provide you “Peace of Mind” while you are abroad. Our Relationship Managers would handle the entire procedure and provide you the outcomes you were hoping for, so we would lay all the foundation necessary to submit an application for you.

Please be aware that

The estimated timeline is the approximate time frame based on prior knowledge. Delays, however, may occur as a result of natural disasters, government shutdowns, vacations, officers on vacation, etc. We make every effort to finish the order as quickly as we can.

Depending on the type of service, additional documentation may be needed.

Document Checklist for Medium of Instruction from India

  • Mark Sheets Copies from college/ university
  • Degree Certificate
  • ID Proof

Pricing for Medium of Instruction from India

A bundle of confirmed mark sheets for each academic year of a course is called a transcript. These mark sheets are inserted into a sealed envelope, and the flap of the envelope is stamped and signed by the appropriate official. A sort of Educational Document Service utilised to confirm or validate the legitimacy of the document or papers in issue is the transcript procurement or authentication service. Transcript authentication emerges as a crucial step in the host country’s Education Evaluation process for migrants who want to continue education abroad.


An formal letter from the university’s top organisational unit appointing a medium of instruction. When applying outside of NRIWAY, you must email the relevant authorities your transcripts and diplomas together with your name, registration number, and other pertinent details. However, once you join up with us, the process becomes easier since we take the weight off your shoulders. Go ahead and submit your MOI application right now!
Yes! You may shop conveniently with us and take advantage of the ability to alter the mode of delivery for all of your products, including MOI orders. The same order can really be shipped to different locations. Try with us right now!
Scan the requested papers using a computer. It is advised to condense your papers in this situation because the allowable size of documents varies. Document compression, nevertheless, is seldom necessary.
On its website, we provides an extensive list of institutions. If your institution isn’t included on the list, pick documentation enquiry in the city where your school or university is located.
You are required to thoroughly scan the necessary papers and produce a digital copy in order to verify their legitimacy. We tells you of the approximate cost after service providers have confirmed the legitimacy of your papers so you can decide whether to move through with the order or not.