NAMC Certificate


The Non-Availability of Marriage Certificate (NABC) is a document for marriages that were not registered. NAMC is a legal document that says that a certain couple's marriage records are not available.

Easy Process and Documentation

Required Documents

  • Front and back pages of both the husband and wife’s passports
  • Evidence for wedding, such as an invitation card or similar item
  • Documentation of one person’s identity bearing the place of marriage address
  • Affidavit from the applicant’s Parents or Other Relatives*
  • A signed copy of the authority letter or vakalatnama.

Cost and Timeframe

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  • On an average Procurement takes Six to Eight weeks.
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The Non-Availability of Marriage Certificate, also known as a NAMC, is a piece of paper that is issued in the event that a marriage was not registered. An NAMC is a formal document that states the marriage records for a certain couple cannot be located. In some circumstances, if the marriage was not registered for a variety of reasons, the individual may be eligible to make a request for a NAMC (Non-Availability of Marriage Certificate) from the relevant authority. It is a legal document that states a person’s marriage record cannot be accessed at this time.

If the marriage was not registered, or if the certificate of registration could not be acquired, it is essential to file an application for a Non-Availability of Marriage Certificate (NAMC).

Within the boundaries of India, procuring a Non-Availability of Marriage Certificate cannot be done in accordance with a set of predefined steps (NAMC). It is not necessary in any part of India to provide a Non-Availability of Marriage Certificate, sometimes referred to as a NAMC. Because of this, getting a Non-A is regarded to be a “expensive” endeavour.

It is necessary to submit an application for a Non-Availability of Marriage Certificate (NAMC) in the event that the marriage was not registered or the registration certificate was unable to be obtained.
There is no predetermined procedure for acquiring a Non-Availability of Marriage Certificate in the country of India (NAMC). The Non-Availability of Marriage Certificate, also known as the NAMC, is not required in any area of India. As a result, acquiring a Non-A is considered “expensive.”


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