Rental Agreement

A rental agreement, also known as a lease agreement or tenancy agreement, is a legal contract between a landlord and a tenant that outlines the terms and conditions of a rental property. This agreement establishes a contractual relationship between the two parties and specifies their respective rights and obligations.

Easy Process and Documentation

Required Paperwork

  • Proof of identity and address of the landlord and tenant(s)
  • Title documents or ownership certificates of the rental property,
  • Photographs or videos of the property’s condition before and after the tenancy
  • Rent receipts or proof of payment
  • Employment or income documents
  • Guarantor details and documents,

Process, Service Charges, Time duration

  • When you send us your paperwork, our experienced staff will review your paperwork with local government officials to determine the service’s cost, feasibility, and completion date. After a quote has been given, it remains fixed. Location affects project duration and cost. Send us your documents and specific requirements to get a price and turnaround estimate.
  • On an average Procurement takes four to six weeks.
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Before leasing out any property, either the owner or the tenant of the property has to have a solid understanding of what constitutes a rental agreement.
A rental agreement, which is also known as a leave and licence agreement, is a sort of contract that is often created between the owner of a property and the renter who seeks to own the property on temporary possession as stated in the agreement. This type of contract is typically written between the tenant and the owner of the property.
The terms and conditions included in a lease agreement are often rather comparable; nevertheless, these particulars are subject to change depending on the circumstances of both the renters and the owners. The parties involved, the property that will be rented, the length of time that the lease will be in effect, as well as the total amount of rent that will be due during that time are all specified in the registered rental agreement.
It is possible to refer to the property’s owner as the “lessor” and the renter as the “lessee” when discussing their relationship to one another. It is required that the Rental Agreement be printed on Legal paper. If the agreement is to be notarized, however, it must be printed on stamp paper with a value of either Rs 100 or Rs 500.
The rent payment for an online lease agreement has to be made on a sheet of green legal paper.


A rental agreement form includes information about the landlord, the renter, the amount of money, how long it will be, and the terms of the rental agreement. On the legal docs platform, it’s easy to make a rental agreement. If needed, complicated clauses like a notice period, a lock-in period, and the responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant can be added to the basic house rent agreement format. Along with this basic information, the rental agreement format includes the rules listed below.

  • How long the tenant will be living there.
  • The amount of money that the renter will pay.
  • How much money was put down as a deposit.
  • If the renter is allowed to have pets.
  • Whether or not there is parking.
  • Whether the landlord pays for services or the tenant does.
  • If subletting is allowed or not.
  • How many people are allowed to live in the rental?
  • Reasons why the owner can get into the flat.
  • When there is a disagreement, the party who has to pay the legal fees.

Online Registration of Rent Agreement

Log in and fill out a form online. To sign in, click here. Your draught agreement will be made for you immediately. You can add additional clauses, if necessary.

After the draught has been completed and the parties have reached an agreement on the conditions, you should schedule an appointment for your biometric verification.
Along with two witnesses, our representative will use Aadhaar numbers to verify the identities of both the landlord and the tenant. After the verification process is finished, your legally binding agreement will be sent to you within three business days.

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Registered Rent Agreement FAQs

Here are the steps you need to take to sign up for a rental deal online:

1. Visit LegalDocs Advisor rent agreement registration site.
2. Sign in and fill out an online form. If you need to, you can also add the conditions.
3.Book an appointment for your biometric verification once the draught is ready and both sides agree on the terms.
4.A representative from LegalDocs will check the identities of the owner and tenant with their Aadhaar numbers and the numbers of two witnesses. Once verification is done, you’ll get your signed deal in three working days.

Aadhaar and PAN numbers for everyone involved (the landlord, the tenant, and the two witnesses).
None at all. The whole process will be done while sitting at home.
For accurate pricing, there is a calculator. To figure out the exact amount, click here.

No worries! LegalDocs Advisor offers door-to-door services for both sides, if needed.

Bummer! But let’s talk, because we’d like to help. We can be reached at 9022119922 or 7303240250. Aadhaar is not required for a rental agreement, but an Aadhaar card is needed for an online rental agreement.