MCD Free Hold Conversion

MCD freehold conversion refers to the process of converting leasehold properties under the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) to freehold properties, giving the owners complete ownership of the property

Easy Process and Documentation

Required Paperwork

  • Copy of the property lease deed
  • Copy of the property tax receipts
  • Copy of the building plan approval
  • Copy of the possession letter
  • Copy of the no-dues certificate from the authority
  • Affidavit of the applicant
  • Copy of the identity proof of the applicant

Process, Service Charges, Time duration

  • When you send us your paperwork, our experienced staff will review your paperwork with local government officials to determine the service’s cost, feasibility, and completion date. After a quote has been given, it remains fixed. Location affects project duration and cost. Send us your documents and specific requirements to get a price and turnaround estimate.
  • On an average Procurement takes four to six weeks.
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MCD Freehold Conversion

Freehold Conversion of Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) stores and properties

The conversion would be permitted only for properties that have already been transferred from the Directorate of Estate (DOE)/Land and Development Office (L&DO).

The person(s) whose name(s) are recorded as lessee(s) in DOA and L&DO records may apply for the conversion. If there is more than one lessee, all of them must sign the conversion application. However, the lessee may delegate Power of Attorney to someone else to sign the conversion on his or her behalf.

Every commercial unit
All sorts of commercial units given on a leasehold basis by the Department of Rehabilitation or L&DO for residential use, or upon a structure that has acquired a construction and completion certificate or D-Form from a local governmental body.

In the event of mortgaged homes, the mortgagees must produce a “No Objection Certificate” before authorising the conversion to freehold.

Before the conversion, the applicant must pay an interest rate of 18% per year in addition to the arrears of ground rent. When ground rent is due, the lessee will be advised of the amended amount of ground rent for the depositing of the amount prior to the signing of the conveyance document.

Those who have already applied do not need to apply again. In circumstances where the payment has been approved by the L&DO, the date of original application will be used to calculate conversion costs. The remedy is not available in circumstances where the money was returned by cheque/demand owing to L&DO application rejection. In circumstances where payments have been returned or denied due to property transfers to local governments, relief will be offered.

A freehold is a method of transferring ownership of an immovable property from the government to the private owner, which gradually increases the property’s worth. A conveyance deed is delivered to the owner as the final document, which is the registry in common place.

To convert a leased property to a freehold, one must apply to the appropriate authorities. In this respect, we provide consulting services. Our pros will help you through the whole procedure. All of your important paperwork will be handled, and we provide all of these services at a low and acceptable cost.

The applicant for freehold conversion must provide photocopies of specific papers, which vary depending on the kind of property (residential, commercial, etc.) and the respective agencies (DDA and L&DO).

The necessary documents for converting MCD  freehold Conversion

Document photocopies necessary for conversion are:
  • Allotment/allocation letter.
  • Letter of Possession and Release of Possession.
  • If there is one, a perpetual lease agreement.
  • Proof of ownership, like a power or water bill.
  • Photographs.
  • Challans from the bank about payments for rent, installments, or service fees.

Along with a properly filled out application form, the original papers that are necessary for the conversion into freehold include an affidavit, an indemnity bond, and an undertaking written on non-judicial stamp paper. In addition to these papers, additional conversion fees and the necessary stamp duty are needed to be paid.